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As you may have heard, our companion church in Peru has had to move through some very difficult times. They have had internal conflicts that at first were not heeded, then seemed to be reconciled, but ultimately ended in a rupture. The ILEP, as we knew it, has now split into two church bodies, and the ELCA and the La Crosse Area Synod have a relationship with the main body, known as the Iglesia Luterana del Perú (the Lutheran Church of Peru) or IL-P.


After a visit that Bishop Arends, Gwen Hatfield and Gregg Attleson paid to Lima in November 2018 (photo above), we are happy to report that good things are happening in IL-P!! It appears that their reorganization effort is working its way through to a new and stronger church. Signs of this renewal include:

  • IL-P sees the need to raise up leaders and has formed an educational effort known as ITEL - Instituto Teológico Luterano

  • Sembrando is undergoing changes to focus on leadership and the rights of children

  • IL-P is searching to find its identity as Lutheran and as Peruvian and what they offer to the Peruvian people


Watch for updates!

(La Iglesia Luterana del Perú)

Read articles/bulletin inserts below as former members of 

delegations to Peru share stories about individual ILP 


Individuals and congregations are encouraged to support the La Crosse Area Synod's relationship with our global church companion in Peru, IL-P, (Iglesia Luterana del Perú):

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  • View the Covenant between La Iglesia Luterana del Perú and the La Crosse Area Synod, ELCA, signed at the 2016 Synod Assembly by Pastor Presidente Pedro Bullón and Bishop Jim Arends.

2012 Youth Ministries Delegation to Peru

A delegation of 10 — including Bishop Arends, 6 youth and 3 other adults — traveled to ILP August 9-20, 2012 to continue the relationship between the two synods and it’s young adults. 


2010 Delegation to Peru

In the summer of 2010 a delegation of eight synod members visited the Peruvian Lutheran Church (ILP) on behalf of the La Crosse Area Synod, to grow the relationship between the two church bodies.


Hear native Peruvians sing worship music on Vimeo.


Click "play" arrow (at right) to hear 2010 delgation members share what

they learned and what the experience meant to them.

Visit with pastors and leadership of IL-P in November 2018

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